Heavy pockets don’t necessarily make for good neighbors

BY MARCY SHORTUSE – I just read an article submitted to the Interwebs universe by The Cultural Landscape Foundation, an article written about Gilchrist Avenue, with no author named but photo credit given to an island resident. It’s a humdinger. I will start by saying the article is well written, and in all honesty it’s […]

Foundation announces new Foundation as partner

SUBMITTED BY THE FISH & WILDLIFE FOUNDATION OF FLORIDA – The Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida today announced the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation as a new conservation partner, helping bring national attention to the importance of fishing licenses and their connection to conservation, as well as connecting youth and families with fishing and […]

A message to Lee County Commissioners: Listen to reason when it comes to Gilchrist parking, but please make a decision

BY MARCY SHORTUSE – Just when I thought nothing more about the Gilchrist parking situation would surprise me, I found I was wrong. The proposal by the Gilchrist Neighborhood Association has really left me scratching my normally objective head. It’s time again to bring this to people’s attention, because there’s a slim chance Lee County Commissioners will […]

GICIA asks everyone to consider the importance of Mercabo purchase

■ BY MISTY NICHOLS, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF THE GICIA The GICIA has set its sights on Mercabo (the 30-acre parcel at the entrance to the Boca Grande Causeway). With the threat of development looming and Charlotte County again amending their comprehensive plan to allow for an increase in density from the current 3.5 units up […]

Are outboards changing the landscape of the sandbar?

To the Editor: I might be mistaken, but I have recently noticed, crossing the second bridge heading toward Boca, and looking to my left next to where numerous “redneck yacht club” outings have been held, the sand has filled in across the channel in front of the trestle. Perhaps this has been like this and […]

What does Native American Day mean, exactly?

  BY MARCY SHORTUSE – September is an odd month for holidays. There’s not much going on for most people, with the exception of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Labor Day. I personally count the fall equinox as a holiday as well. In Boca Grande it’s one of the hardest months to find anything going on, […]

Storms impacting sea turtles on southwest Florida’s Gulf Coast

SUBMITTED BY THE FLORIDA FISH AND WILDLIFE CONSERVATION COMMISSION – Heavy rain and rough weather along southwest Florida’s Gulf Coast are impacting sea turtle nests along the beaches, jeopardizing the eggs and hatchlings emerging from the nests. Many nests of loggerhead and green turtles have been documented this year in Charlotte, Collier, Lee, Manatee, Pinellas and […]

Divers: Display flag, boaters, be aware

Submitted by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission – Whether diving in Pensacola, scalloping in the Big Bend, lobstering in the Florida Keys or seeing the sights below the water’s surface in one of the many rivers in the Sunshine State, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) wants to remind divers to use […]

Editor’s note: We will miss you, Sam

Many of you are aware that Sam Samsonov, a toll tender with the Gasparilla Island Bridge Authority for 30 years, is no longer at the booth. There has been a flood of responses on social media regarding his leaving, and we wanted to acknowledge him.