Are you ready to pull some nets at Wildflower Preserve?

To the Editor: Greetings, my Lemon Bay Conservancy Tarpon & Snook Net Pull Volunteer Team friends, I hope everyone had a great summer. It’s that time again, and I am excited to invite you all to participate in our first of three weekend team Wildflower Net Pulls for this season. LBC Wildflower Preserve net pull […]

GUEST EDITORIAL: Initiative to restore one million corals launched by Mote

  BY HALEY RUTGER – Mote Marine Laboratory and The Nature Conservancy are partnering on a coral conservation initiative that will enable coral restoration at unprecedented scales throughout the Caribbean and the Florida Keys. The collaboration officially began on the evening of Sept. 12, 2016 in Miami with the signing of a one-year memorandum of […]

What’s popular isn’t always what is important

■  BY MARCY SHORTUSE I watched a very interesting piece on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver recently regarding the fast-paced demise of print news. It’s essentially the breakdown of what we are inundated with every day when we turn on the television or social media on our computer … it’s what people now call […]

GUEST EDITORIAL: Anderson explains position in running for District 3

■  BY DICK ANDERSON I am Dick Anderson, and I am a candidate for the Lee County Commission District 3. My candidacy is motivated by the legacy we will leave to our children and grandchildren. Are we the generation that will preside over irreversible damage to our unique fisheries, waterways, and natural landscape through uninformed […]

The parking-challenged ghosts of Boca Grande

BY MARCY SHORTUSE – We are now in the thick of the summer, a time when the remaining humans on the island retreat indoors, when summer storms are the norm and when iguanas are doing the happy dance. There are other things that happen here in the summertime, too, and sometimes those things are a bit […]

State your case, but educate yourself first

■  BY MARCY SHORTUSE We were faced with another American disaster last weekend, a mass shooting that left 49 Americans dead and many more wounded. For just a little while afterward, the American people did what they always do – they cried, they prayed, they came together. Many people who are inherently against certain lifestyle […]

Why does the County allow plantings to occur?

To the Editor: This past week, a new resident in our community, Pat Neal, added a very attractive curb lawn to the front of their house on Gilchrist. As a result, three public parking spots have disappeared and now benefit the owner in presumably enhanced property value. We do not need to lose more public […]

LBC supports expansion of Florida Forever Project

To the Editor: The Lemon Bay Conservancy (LBC) is a 501(c) 3 charitable land trust operating successfully in the Charlotte Harbor Watershed since 1972. LBC is pleased to provide this letter of support for the expansion of the boundary of the Charlotte Harbor Flatwoods Florida Forever project, located in Charlotte Harbor. LBC strongly endorses the […]

Ladies Day committee thanks all for a great time

To the Editor: The Boca Grande Area Chamber of Commerce’s 26th Annual Ladies Day Tarpon Tournament had a successful outcome with a field of 36 boats and 11 total tarpon released on May 7, 2016. Brendan Coudal designed the 2016 Ladies Day logo and the tournament art again this year. A limited supply of his […]

Thank you to all who have served

To the Editor: We will always be grateful and thankful to the Beacon for the story of John Bourgoin and Walter Tatko. Great story about two great guys who contributed to victory in WWII. They were in the same book, but not on same page (the North African campaign, etc.). We are thankful for their […]