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More thoughts on our post office problems

May 18, 2018
By Marcy Shortuse

To the Editor:
Kudos to Gary Martin!
He has the guts to take on the BG post office and their harassment of the patrons. For years this has been a problem, and it was exacerbated a few years ago when Sally left, and it is why she left. The mail addressed incorrectly had been held behind the desk, and a yellow slip was placed in your box. When you picked it up, you were admonished and promised it would never happen again!
Then I tracked a package, which I thought was coming by UPS, so I used my street address. It was transferred to USPS. The site said it was at the post office. When I went, Sally rolled her eyes and said I would have to speak to the post- master. The postmaster informed me the rules were that if the package was not addressed properly, it had to be returned. I did point out that they knew the patrons and had the street addresses on file. Nothing. The package was returned.
What is the reason for this policy? The post office complains they are losing money, but they make no effort to rectify issues that make it very unpleasant to deal with them. A little power does go a long way with them. And, Gary, good luck getting any mail now!
Lincoln Kerney
Formerly of Boca Grande