There are lots of legends in Boca Grande Pass

■  BY MARCY SHORTUSE By the time this week’s newspaper goes to press, we will be halfway into The World’s Richest Tarpon Tournament for 2016. We are very lucky to have the greatest tarpon fishery in the world right in our backyard, and every year since the early 1900s, anglers have come to our waters […]

Celebrate World Ocean’s Day with Mote on June 4

To the Editor:      Come celebrate our connection to the ocean during a World Oceans Day Family Festival from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, June 4, at Mote Aquarium. World Oceans Day is an international day of ocean celebration that provides an annual opportunity to honor, appreciate and help conserve the world’s oceans. […]

Bad vibrations

Letter to the Editor,      To maintain safe and efficient traffic flow at all times through the toll booths, along the causeway and along the Intercoastal waterway. To make fair and balanced decisions which impact a diverse group of stakeholders including owners, travelers, local businesses and employees. That’s what was printed at the bottom […]

A commentary on public bathrooms and suggestions

To the Editor: In my hometown of Nashua, New Hampshire, we had a beautiful outdoor space known as Greeley Park. Bridal parties from around the area would come to Greeley Park to have their wedding pictures taken in front of the picturesque old stone building on the property (see photo at right). It put a […]

Historical Society thanks all for great season

Letter to the Editor, The Boca Grande Historical Society would like to thank our members, volunteers, sponsors, donors, the Board and directors for your continued support and kindness. We had one of our best seasons ever, and it is because of people like you. Perhaps you graciously volunteered your time and talent, generously sponsored an […]

GIBA says ‘thank you’ for another great season

Letter to the Editor; Like the tides on the beaches of Boca Grande, seasonal vehicles come and go with both predictability and occasional extraordinary highs. Each new seasonal tide provides us with good customers and a continually refreshed community. The statistics these last six months* confirm that Boca Grande has experienced new record highs, like […]

200 have homes, thanks to the BG Haiti project

Letter to the Editor; Most people know by now about the BG Haiti project that has been taking place for the last seven years. In that time period, this generous community has donated $1,650,000 to build five villages consisting of 200 homes plus schools and community centers/ churches, and to provide fresh water, outdoor lighting, […]

We waste … and yet we want

■  BY MARCY SHORTUSE I’m I’m wrapping up my second season as the Boca Grande Chamber of Commerce president, and let me tell you something, it isn’t an easy volunteer position to have … unless ceaseless flagellation is your thing, and then you’d love it. So let’s talk about bathrooms, because … why not? My […]

I Wonder …

To the Editor: The paranoid Boca Grande Society of Social Engineering strikes again, and this time its random target is tour buses. I wonder how much a school bus weighs. I wonder how much the blood bank bus weighs. I wonder how much the trucks that bring us our food, beverages and sundries weigh. I wonder […]

Editorial: A tribute to a great man

On February 19 the island lost a beautiful soul. Mr. Bill Winterer passed away, and even though we knew he wasn’t well it was still a shock. If you read his obituary you will see he was a very accomplished man, a man known for many impressive things. But I wanted to take a moment […]