In defense of the island’s postal service …

June 1, 2018
By Marcy Shortuse

To the Editor:
I have frequent, regular occasion to transact business at the Boca Grande Post Office. That enables me to respond to the recent negative letters.
As a practicing lawyer I mail work from the Post Office at least twice each week during the nearly six months we live in Boca Grande. Similarly, mail is sent to me from my office and from other offices regularly. We also send to and receive letters and packages from our family living in Europe.
In 20 years only one package failed to be delivered to us. The local staff freely admitted that it had arrived in the Boca Grande Post Office, but it, somehow, was lost or given to someone else. The current staff is professional, courteous, and competent. In all candor, working in Boca Grande, especially during the busy season, presents certain demands on the staff. First, because there is no home delivery, all mail is retreived at the Post Office. Secondly, many of its customers have a certain sense of entitlement as a result of their stations in life. Witness how and where cars and carts are situated for mail pick-up. Curiously, the peaceful, calm tranquility of the island is sometimes lost when it’s pick-up time.
With regards to the transmittal of warrants, stock certificates, tax returns, and valuable pieces of equipment, prudence would dictate that they be sent by other means, viz, FedEx, UPS, or any other which make home delivery.
Very truly yours,
Dale P. Faulkner
New London, CT