Why are we putting up with this Post Office practice?

May 11, 2018
By Marcy Shortuse

To the Editor:
Several years ago I wrote, and the Beacon published, a letter critical of our Post Office and some of its practices.
In that article I highlighted their handling of mail which doesn’t include our box numbers, even when they know full well who we are and what our box number is.
This continuing practice, at best, causes island residents inconvenience, as it is often much later when we first become aware that the mail has been returned.
This delayed notification of returned mail must come from the sender, as our Island office makes no effort to notify us of the return. In many cases this round robin delayed return can result in damage to the article. In the worst situations this procedure causes financial losses, as critical time deadlines expire, penalties are incurred or the item is lost.
If you’ve experienced this, you know how maddening it can be. My experience has been that occasionally shippers make mistakes and get our address wrong, despite a concerted effort to help them get it right.
They just do.
In the last month, I have had an expensive electronics unit returned without my knowledge.
Additionally, a valuable stock certificate, with warrants, was returned on March 6, and is still “lost.” Replacing it has a penalty cost from the transfer agent.
Even though it was returned on March 6, I was only notified by the shipper this week, when I called to inquire as to its whereabouts.
So why is it that the Post Office can’t extend us the courtesy of a call or text or note in our box that they have received an incorrectly addressed piece of mail and are holding it for immediate pickup?
Or better yet, why not place it in our box with a reminder of the correct address format?
The current approach is punishing to island residents, when a little effort could save a great deal of inconvenience. I feel the postal service here needs to provide more (service) as they work for us, not the other way around.
Gary Martin
Boca Grande