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Holiday cheer

I was considering writing an article about COPD and lung cancer since those diseases are featured as the Awareness Diseases for the month of November. After a try or two, I decided that I was not up for suggesting that people stop smoking, given my failure at suggesting that people get vaccinated and attempt to […]

Love the bees but hate the sting? Here’s how to keep the relationship amicable

November 20, 2021
Who would ever dare to imagine putting oneself in a situation that would purposely trigger the fl…

Grande Rounds series begins with ‘Back to Boca’ virtual talk

November 6, 2021
The “Grande Rounds” health lecture series sponsored by the Boca Grande Health Clinic …

November 6, 2021

New Physician to Join Boca Grande Health Clinic

By the Boca Grande Health Clinic CEO The Boca Grande Health Clinic is pleased to announce that Br…
October 28, 2021

Just a spoonful of sugar … finding sweet balance

With Halloween just days away, you may have found yourself dipping into the candy bowl. If you ha…

Florida legislators introduce Safe Waterways Act

October 28, 2021
To the Editor: Residents and tourists come to Florida’s iconic waters for recreation and enjoyment, but unfortunately many state waterways have become more polluted and dangerous. In fact, nearly one million acres of coastal estuaries and 9,000 miles of Florida’s streams and rivers are verified impaired for fecal indicator bacteria. FIB indicates the presence of […]