Breaking news! World’s Richest anglers bring 82 releases to the boat: Capt. Wayne Joiner and the Hey, Moma! team in first; Spooked Again team in second

The bite was strong and many anglers bowed to the silver king in the last two days, with 82 releases documented in the 2022 World’s Richest Tarpon Tournament. Capt. Wayne Joiner and the team aboard Hey, Moma! took first place with 13 releases. They had eight releases on the first day and five on the […]

Casuarina dominates #17 Classic

The bite was brisk and the fish were smallish, making it easier to catch-and-release quickly. William Woodroffe, the tournament’s founder and coordinator, said they shaved $200 off each entry fee to donate to the Gasparilla Island Maritime Museum. With 16 boats in the tournament, that made for a nice donation of $3,200 to the GIMM, topped off with a pledge from angler Howard Wise of $5,000 from his team’s prize money. That made a total of $8,200 donation for the museum, as well as a $500 donation to the Boca Grande Fishing Guides’ Association.  

World’s Richest 2022 honors Capts. Tater Spinks, Cappy Joiner

The Boca Grande Area Chamber of Commerce World’s Richest Tarpon Tournament honored two more iconic figures in Boca Grande’s fishing history during the Grande Tradition ceremony at the Captain’s Party on Tuesday May 17. Many captains, anglers, community members and tournament officials got up to share their fond memories, retell jokes and recall treasured stories of Capt. John “Tater” Spinks and Capt. Cappy Joiner.

Things that sting, things that bite, part I: Unfriendlies in the Gulf

Florida’s beaches draw millions of people here annually, and many who come from the middle of the country have never seen the ocean before. It’s a beautiful moment to see the face of someone who visits the beach for the very first time and sees its brilliant turquoise hue (in the less rainy months) and finds their first seashells. 

Turtle tracks: More nests, more holes on the beach

While patrolling the many stretches of our beautiful beaches here on the Island, turtle patrollers all seem to encounter one familiar scene: a freshly dug hole. The seemingly innocuous abandoned site is not only treacherous for nesting turtles, but also hazardous to those walking and running on the beach. You can help patrollers reduce the […]

Around the town …

On the night of the blood red moon

Lee County, USACE beach renourishment agreement passed

The amendment to the Project Partnership Agreement with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers authorizes continued federal participation in beach nourishment of the Gasparilla Island segment, which extends 2.8 miles south from 17th Street. The agreement allows for cooperation between the Corps and Lee County in construction of the project as needed, based on erosion. It also authorizes federal funding of up to 64.7 percent. No funds are required at this time.

It’s time to clap, cheer and wave to all the 2022 Island School graduates!

On Friday, May 27 graduates from The Island School and their families will make their annual trek around the town in a celebratory fashion, to honor their achievements and wish them well as they head to middle school. This year’s graduates are Birdie McLaughlin, Harry Duke, Skylar Wienman, Heidi Blanchard, Finn Foos, Hanga Penszki, Hunter […]

2022 World’s Richest action, Day One

There was no shortage of excitement on day one of the 2022 World’s Richest Tarpon Tournament, with 38 tarpon released during the four-hour fishing time. By the end of the first day, Capt. Wayne Joiner and his anglers on Hey, Moma! was in the lead with eight tarpon released. Spooked Again with Capt. Steve Ahlers, […]