Guest editorial: Higher manatee count simply means we have more to protect

BY KATIE TRIPP, PhD – Florida’s manatees are at a crossroads. Well, actually, the agencies that protect manatees are at a crossroads, and manatees themselves are in the crosshairs. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is busy working behind closed doors deciding whether or not to downlist manatees from endangered to threatened under the federal […]

Guest editorial: GICIA, Friends of Cape Haze watching Charlotte County comp plan closely

SUBMITTED BY THE GASPARILLA ISLAND CONSERVATION AND IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION – In recent years, GICIA has begun to face new challenges as we recognize that growth in nearby areas off-island have the potential to seriously impact us. In an effort to effectively deal with such issues, GICIA has established a strong relationship with the Friends of Cape […]

Editorial: Residents, shopowners concerned: Will the weight restrictions go up one day?

A 40,000-pound weight restriction is a huge hassle for many people, such as construction workers and shop owners who rely on deliveries. When contractors can bring more concrete or I-beams over the bridge at one time, it saves them time, saves the person paying for the project money, and the job gets done quicker. It’s that simple. When a store can have more inventory delivered in one load, it’s better for them and means less truck traffic on the island.

Editorial: Tarpon fishers, please read!

SAVE THE TARPON – For almost a decade, the Professional Tarpon Tournament Series used a snagging device, misleadingly characterized as a “jig,” to capture large breeding females in Boca Grande Pass. More fish and more chaos, meant more revenue for their TV reality show. Tournament participants would gaff and drag the fish to a scale […]