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Quiet Gilchrist, but overflowing Gasparilla Island State Park

June 13, 2024
This weekend on Gasparilla Island was not a major holiday, just a plain old summer weekend. The weather was clear, and visitors came, while so many of our regulars have gone home. The tarpon crowd…

The issue of parking raised, yet again

June 6, 2024
The issue of parking in Boca Grande came up, yet again. Like so many issues that involve the island, it came up after most of the seasonal regulars had left, and cannot be heard. A quick recap….

Take down the fence on 5th Street. Take a few steps.

May 30, 2024
If readers head to the end of 5th Street in Boca Grande, they will see a seaside attraction like no other. It is a wood fence, built completely across the whole length of the street, blocking acce…

Pink Pony sweatshirt brightens up a Dark Horse podcast

May 23, 2024
This week, the English comedian and actor Russell Brand held a podcast discussion on God with scientist Bret Weinstein.  Most do not know Weinstein. Many do not know who Brand is; he is a …

Tapping into a Gasparilla Island tradition, the working cistern: Editorial

May 17, 2024
This week, the Boca Grande Quarantine Station house went on the market (see pages 16-17).  One feature of the house is a working, wooden cistern. During Hurricane Ian, the tank was disconnected…

Finding the ‘special sauce’ of our boat-mance

May 9, 2024
A thank you to Capt. Jim Hoyt for organizing the welcome to the yacht Hilarium last Thursday, bringing her back to Boca Grande Marina. As a publication, we appreciate those last minute calls. And …

So much depends upon our big red wheelbarrow

May 2, 2024
The publisher of this newspaper has an expression that he is fond of repeating. In Boca Grande, every day is different, but every year is the same. This can be seen in our column to the left of…

The ‘remnant people’ head home, or stick around

April 25, 2024
There are many “very important” and “formerly very important” or “previously important” or “pretty important” people on Gasparilla Island. We have acronyms for them. This week, we spied one of the…

The limits of our earth on this day

April 19, 2024
Earth Day is coming up this weekend. This week, we have a column about Earth Day from Delores Savas as well as a small article about one of the Earth Day activities in our news section. There are …

Why Placida matters to Gasparilla Island

April 11, 2024
This week, we have a story on the sale of Eldred’s (pictured here). Of course, we all know it needs a new custodian. Its current, old Florida, charming and useful state, cannot survive when the pr…