PROFILE: Sarah McDonald

Sitting in the middle of Sarah McDonald’s coffee table is a fascinating turtle sculpture, carved to look as if it was emerging from the water. One cheerio was also sitting on the table, placed carefully under its mouth. “Don’t touch the cheerio,” said Sarah with a laugh. “My grandchild left it there and I just […]

PROFILE: Capt. Tater Spinks

Mary calls him “My Salty Dog Redneck Fisherman.” It’s an affectionate nickname that only a wife could get away with calling a husband of 40 years. That fisherman is John “Tater Spinks, better known as “Captain Tater.” Colorful nicknames started young for John when a couple of his older sisters started to call him Tater. […]

PROFILE: Laquanda Dixon

On a sunny August morning in Boca Grande Laquanda Dixon took a short break to sit out by the fountain and answer a few questions about her work at the Boca Grande Health Clinic, her ties to the island, and even a debate about a “q.” “Laquanda is spelled with a lowercase ‘Q,’ even though […]

PROFILE: Karen Harrison-Trent

Karen Harrison-Trent was born and raised in Jamaica and is familiar with island life. “I’m from Jamaica, so yes, Boca Grande reminded me of my Jamaican home, with the island feeling and the ocean. When I’m here in Boca Grande, I feel like I’m at home.” Karen Harrison-Trent joined the Boca Grande Health Clinic team […]

PROFILE: Natalie Cole

The newest member of the Boca Grande Health Clinic team is Natalie Cole. The conversation started something like, “Wow! Natalie Cole, like the singer?” “No relation,” she quickly replied with a deadpanned smile. Apparently, that wasn’t the first time she’s been asked that question. Natalie might not be a famous singer or the daughter of […]

Profile: Capt. Chad Bombenger

The first Jay Joiner Memorial Belt Buckle was given out the year after he passed away, in 1993. The buckle is engraved with an eagle, which represents the best fisherman nature has to offer, and a ruby, Jay’s birthstone.

PROFILE: Scott Shanks

BY T MICHELE WALKER – Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s the new mosquito man, Scott Shanks, and he’s eradicating Gasparilla Island mosquitoes in a single bound. Yes, there’s a new mosquito man in Boca Grande. Originally from Colchester, Connecticut, Scott and his wife Kelly have been in Florida […]


BY T MICHELE WALKER – If you’re one of the lucky ones, you meet the love of your life and you just know that they’re the “one.” Ray Corcoran is one of the lucky ones. He met his wife at the young age of 15 and never looked back. “She lived in Westwood and I […]

PROFILE: John Brandenberger

BY T MICHELE WALKER – Walk into Parsley-Baldwin Realty on any lovely Boca Grande day, and you’ll be greeted by a cheerful gentleman with a sunny smile. That gentleman is John Brandenberger, real estate agent and one of the original developers of the Boca Grande Club. It’s hard to imagine John anywhere but here in […]

PROFILE: Deputy David Scozzafava

BY T MICHELE WALKER – If you find yourself in town and you see a new face in a Lee County Sheriff’s Office vehicle, make sure to give it a big Boca wave. Chances are it’s our new Deputy Sheriff, David Scozzafava.  Here for just over three weeks, Deputy Sheriff David is excited to be […]