Profile: Kevin Mills

November 13, 2015
By Susan Erwin

Kevin Mills web■ BY SUSAN ERWIN
You’ve seen him around town, hustling and bustling in that big brown truck. Read on to learn more about your friendly, local United Parcel Service Driver, Kevin Mills.
Kevin was raised in Charlotte County and attended Charlotte High School, class of 1995. He has been working for the United Parcel Service for ten years.
Before that, he worked at his grandfather’s machine shop in Charlotte County. “I started working on machines in middle school,” Kevin said. “He taught me everything. From how to tear down engines and clean all the parts … I grew up with a wrench in my hand. He was really into automobile racing.”

Kevin continued to work for his grandfather for several years after high school. Then he was inclined to do something different in life. “My grandfather decided to sell this business and he offered it to me to take it over, but I just didn’t want to do that,” Kevin said. “I kind of wanted to change careers and I always thought that working for UPS would be a fun job.”
 So he applied for a seasonal holiday helper position more than ten years ago and was hired full time two months later. “I really love my job,” Kevin said “I enjoy meeting the people in Boca Grande and I enjoy talking with them and getting to know them every day.”
Until last February, Kevin was working substitute routes for the company, filling in for drivers as needed and completing routes during illnesses and vacation times. Then last year in February, the current driver for the Boca Grande route was injured, so Kevin applied for the vacancy. “I have always enjoyed this route very much. I like the people, the atmosphere and the island lifestyle. From the very first time I delivered out here, the people have made me feel really comfortable and welcomed,” he said. “I always said if this route ever become available permanently I would take it in a second.”
Kevin said the transition of the route was pretty natural since he delivered on the island before. “The people recognized my face and knew who I was so it was a very smooth transition,” he said. His work hours vary each day because depending on the number of packages in the truck, they all need to the delivered by the end of the day. “It can get stressful and strenuous this time of year, but it’s also a lot of fun,” Kevin said. “You just have to learn to not get overwhelmed. Some nights I am done by 6 p.m. and then on others I don’t get finished until after 8 p.m.”
Kevin starts his route in Port Charlotte and ends his day in Boca Grande. “This time of year from January to April I am pretty much just working on the island because of how busy it gets,” he said. “And that’s nice because it allows me to spend more time with the customers and stop and talk with them. I really enjoy talking with the people.”
Kevin currently lives in North Port. He has partial custody of his two daughters, Kayla, 13 and Lily, 5. Kayla is in eighth grade and Lily started kindergarten this past fall. Kevin has been divorced for two years and is dating Boca Grande Realtor Candy Brooks. “We met through mutual friends and we have been having a lot of fun. It’s nice to get back into the dating scene,” he said. “It’s going very well.”
Kevin has one brother, Clint, who lives in Hollywood, California. Clint is 31 and is trying to pursue a career in acting. He currently works as a bartender at night and at Universal Studios during the day. “He’s gone out for several casting calls and has landed a few small roles,” Kevin said. “It’s very competitive because obviously many people move there with the same hopes.” Kevin’s parents live in Punta Gorda. “I’m a true Floridian,” Kevin said. “My parents were born and raised here and started their family here.”
During his time off from work, Kevin enjoys water sports and spending quality time with his daughters. “I enjoy wakeboarding and waterskiing and my youngest daughter likes to go tubing,” Kevin said. “My grandparents have a home in Lake Placid, so we go over there quite a bit and jet ski and do those kinds of things. Anything on the water … we all really enjoy it. I try to spend good quality time with my daughters as much as I can.” Kevin also enjoys fishing and both of his daughters do as well.
Kevin said his youngest daughter, Lily, likes to sit in the UPS truck and pretend she is driving it. “It’s cute that she is proud of me,” he said. “She gets all excited whenever she spots a UPS truck on the road.” Kevin said he enjoys all kinds of comedy shows and his favorite movie is “My Cousin Vinny.” “I enjoy anything that makes me laugh,” he said. When asked about his dislikes, the easy-going delivery guy said he doesn’t like when it rains while he is at work, which is more than understandable as that’s something that would definitely hinder his job.
Kevin said he admires his parents for their strong integrity on how they raised him. “From a very young age, they taught me to treat people with respect and always be nice to people and treat them how you would like to be treated,” he said. “And that’s something they distilled in me for as long as I can remember. I try to carry that on throughout my life and teach it to my kids as well.”