PROFILE: Deputy David Scozzafava

BY T MICHELE WALKER – If you find yourself in town and you see a new face in a Lee County Sheriff’s Office vehicle, make sure to give it a big Boca wave. Chances are it’s our new Deputy Sheriff, David Scozzafava.  Here for just over three weeks, Deputy Sheriff David is excited to be […]


PROFILE: Rob Knapp

BY T MICHELE WALKER – It was one year ago, May 25, that the murder of George Floyd hit the news. As our nation watched, Rob Knapp was eager to take action.  “We wanted to fix this problem. This is about a year ago, and George Floyd is happening, and the world is turning upside […]

PROFILE: Tricia Mansfield

BY T MICHELE WALKER – Before becoming a full-time artist and the newest board member at the Boca Grande Art Club, Tricia Mansfield spent the early part of her career in environmental policy, work that continues to inform her artistic process to this day. “Long story short, I have a master’s in environmental policy,” she […]

PROFILE: Scott Cotherman … from the classroom, to the board room, to the golf course …

BY MARCY SHORTUSE – Scott Cotherman is a man with a professional past that many could only dream of. He has worn many hats, received many kudos for his accomplishments and has led some of the most impressive corporations in the world to become more successful through his actions. But if you ask him how […]

PROFILE: Leigh Chessher

BY OLIVIA CAMERON- Boca Blooms has made room for an additional member to join their team. Although she found herself switching roles, she’s happy to get to know the town from inside a quaint shop. Having only worked on the island for two months, Leigh Chessher has fallen for its charm.

PROFILE: Peter Strong

He’s not afraid of a challenge… BY OLIVIA CAMERON- Engineer Peter Strong recently announced his retirement from the Gasparilla Island Bridge Authority as chairman of the engineering committee, and he will be sorely missed. He passed his role as engineering chairman to board member Randy Hicks, but he plans to remain a mentor.

PROFILE: Annette Adams

She has a knack for being a healer… BY OLIVIA CAMERON- Banyan Tree Pilates and Yoga has recruited a new massage therapist to join in on body and mind healing. Annette Adams shared what it’s like to learn the power of energy healing and the importance of letting your body heal itself.

PROFILE: Khoreen Vetter

An environmentalist, an adventure seeker… BY OLIVIA CAMERON- Nature enthusiast Khoreen Vetter has been welcomed to the island by Lee County Parks and Recreation as a new specialist and camp counselor. Her position has joined her passion for conservation and her enthusiasm to make a lasting impression on younger generations.

PROFILE: Lisa Ianita and Paula Marum of Sisters’!

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere… BY OLIVIA CAMERON- What makes Boca Grande unique isn’t just the paradise appeal or the proximity of the beach. It’s the people. Each story told is one piece of the island puzzle. But it takes two to open a restaurant called Sisters.

PROFILE: Kathy Peters

When it comes to Boca Grande, she enjoys the whole enchilada…  BY OLIVIA CAMERON- Kathy Peters, coordinator of family ministries at the Boca Grande Lighthouse United Methodist Church, describes her work as nothing short of a natural calling. As a Michigan, Ohio and New York transplant, she’s taken her first few months in Southwest Florida as a […]