PROFILE: Margie Flynn

The year was 1921. Women had just fought for and won the right to vote, Warren G. Harding had just taken the oath of office, and Margaret Mary Loviner was born in Columbus, Ohio. If you’re fortunate enough to earn the title of Octogenarian, you’re probably like Marge and have gathered some tips, advice and […]

PROFILE: Paula Aulino

It was a chilly 63-degree morning on December 1 and the line was packed for the opening day at Boca Bargains. The first person in line said, “My husband doesn’t know that I’m here.” The second shopper in line stepped forward with a laugh and said, “My husband expects me to be first in line.”  […]

PROFILE: Elaine Skypala

Elaine Skypala has come prepared for our meeting with an outline in hand. “It’s funny because as I told my friends I was doing this interview, everybody said, ‘You have to tell that story or that story!’ When I think about it, it makes me feel good about the things that I’ve done.” Elaine is […]

PROFILE: Laura Wilmerding

They were the halcyon days before social media. A time when one would go away for a beach vacation, meet that special friend for life and you’d pinky swear, usually through tears, to stay in touch. Back then, the only option to communicate when you were apart was by being an old-fashioned pen pal. “What […]

PROFILE: Michelle Hubbs

After years of high intensity interval training and military workouts, Michelle Hubbs knew that she was due for a change. While she was still fit and in her prime, it started to feel like those types of workouts – with quick movement and maximum muscle development, were more for someone in their 20s. The newest […]

PROFILE: Mary Spinks

From water skier, fisherman, waitress, to Home Depot employee, Mary Spinks has done it all. But please don’t call her “first mate” as she prefers the title of “admiral.” The distinction is important when you’re the wife of a captain. On the surface, one wouldn’t think a woman from ice-tundra Minnesota would have a lot […]

Alice Court: One foot in business, the other on the stage …

While most college kids were out there slinging hash, waiting tables or working on campus to make ends meet, island resident Alice Court took the bull by the horns. A vocal opera major in college, she had a revelation.  “I realized that opera jobs, particularly jobs for Sopranos, are few and far between. Not knowing […]

PROFILE: Sharon Hawkins

You know spring has arrived when you see the first bloom of yellow forsythia or the robins prancing in the yard. In Boca Grande, you know the season is getting ready to ramp up when you receive your email from the Friends of Boca Grande listing the exciting opportunities for the season. Sharon Hawkins has […]

Kay Kemper

If you are in the market for a motivational speaker for your next graduation, Kay Kemper is the woman for you. Energetic, optimistic, and full of joie de vivre, Kay could inspire the most woebegone and has uplifting wisdom to share. From being the first female vice president in the history of Old Dominion University […]

PROFILE: Lucinda Dixon Sullivan

Lucinda Dixon Sullivan has one heck of a bookshelf. If one did not know that she was a writer, they would immediately guess by the stunning, wall-filled shelves of books that line her living room. Lucinda just happens to be a successful novelist, having written “It was the Goodness of the Place,” along with several […]