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Profile: Jennifer Burby finds new family life in Boca Grande

December 14, 2023
There is not much good to be said about the recent worldwide COVID pandemic, but at least one person has found a silver lining for that terrible time. She discovered that she could work from home….

Profile: Dr. Patrick Bell, surgeon and woodworker

December 8, 2023
It didn’t take long for Dr. Patrick Bell to fall in love with Boca Grande and all of Gasparilla Island. He came for a weekend visit, and by the third day, he had bought a house and decided this wo…

There she is: Miss America, a nuclear engineer

December 8, 2023
Before her reign as Miss America was to come to an end, a stop in Boca Grande was essential for Grace Stanke. With the help of Diane Cook – Grace’s great-aunt, a Boca Grande resident and a member …

2023: The year in Boca Grande Spotlight profiles

December 5, 2023
Every issue, the Boca Beacon highlights one of our own in our Page 3 In The Spotlight. We look to the community to see who is making news, whether they be a volunteer for one of our non-profits li…

Bob Armstrong: From Vietnam helicopter to First Baptist

November 22, 2023
Bob Armstrong and his wife Jan Bob Armstrong is a great storyteller, and he has lots of stories to tell. He has led a life full of interesting twists and turns and he has a way of sharing them …

Improving the quality of our local produce with Eva Worden

November 22, 2023
Gardening tips are not exactly what Eva Worden is coming to the Boca Grande Community Center to talk about on Monday, Nov. 27, at 4:30 p.m. She is coming to make people think more deeply about far…

PROFILE: Pastor Gary Beatty

November 9, 2023
If it is wrong to lie about your age when you are 16 so you can earn money to help your mother support the family, Pastor Gary Beatty has probably been forgiven. What was truly wrong was how poor …

PROFILE: Gordon Allen

November 2, 2023
High tech meets high drama. And it’s all happening in a quiet neighborhood in the elegant town of Boca Grande.  This is not the plot of a new play, but the real-life story of one of the newest …

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Barbara Stirling

October 26, 2023
It was time for Barbara Stirling to open a new book, to try something different. She is not one to stagnate or rest on her laurels, so the newest incarnation of Barbara is as a thespian.  No, t…

Profile: Polina Voinevych, Actress and Entrepreneuse

October 13, 2023
Acting is Polina Voinevych’s passion, but it is not her only passion. She has a special love for people, for her family, for doing good in the world, and for the freedom that living in the United …