PROFILE: Kathy Abraham

Love is the main ingredient of her recipes… BY OLIVIA CAMERON- Nothing evokes the beginning of a season here on Gasparilla Island quite like the thought of sweets and pastries. From cakes to cheesecakes to cake pops, local bake master and certified medical assistant Kathy Abraham brings her baked goods for her coworkers at the […]

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PROFILE: Olivia Cameron

STAFF REPORT – Since the time she was taught how to write expository material and fiction, Olivia Cameron has been scraping characters together and creating stories for her family and friends to enjoy. While her mother was applying her makeup, Olivia would sit on the bathroom floor, chewing on a wad of watermelon-flavored gum and reading […]

PROFILE: Byron Maxwell

Sustaining state parks for four generations… BY OLIVIA CAMERON- Visitors from across the nation come to Boca Grande to dip their toes in the gulf, trek a park path and watch the sun dip under a blanket of blue. Our go-to activities are made possible by the upkeep of the local parks. 

PROFILE: Nick Gassman

BY OLIVIA CAMERON- Some people come to Gasparilla Island for its renowned beaches, to reminisce on the Olde Florida feel or to sip on cocktails inspired by ocean puns. No matter where people are visiting the island from, we all frequent the same store in the heart of this small town. Nick Gassman works at […]

PROFILE: Philip Eyrich

An ear for music and a love of teaching… BY OLIVIA CAMERON- Musician Philip Eyrich has an ear for octaves and an eye for reading stanzas. His encouragement of young instrument enthusiasts blends with his passion for playing at Sunday services. After teaching himself to play the organ and piano at six years of age, he […]

PROFILE: Hermila Perreault

BY OLIVIA CAMERON – From a Catholic upbringing to administrative assistant at a Methodist church, Hermila Perreault has found a job in Boca Grande that, in her own words, is “very rewarding, because it revolves around helping others.” “Growing up in Colombia as the youngest of seven children, I was the little girl of the family who was […]

PROFILE: Kerri Jacobs

Behind the strong woman are three boys cheering her on… BY OLIVIA CAMERON-As a mother of three boys and a co-owner of an eye-catching new café, Kerri Jacobs barely has enough time to stop and smell the coffee. However, her integrity has taken her further than she envisioned. Kerri was born and raised right here […]

PROFILE: Katie Koher

Keeping the business afloat from behind the scenes…  BY OLIVIA CAMERON- The co-owner of Glass Bottom Rentals, where locals and visitors alike can voyage out past Boca Grande’s sandbar, might not be able to keep up with her husband and his love for adventure. However, Katie Koher isn’t lost at sea when it comes to […]

PROFILE: Mary Keene

From friends to football, she cherishes the little things in between… BY OLIVIA CAMERON- Mary Keene has served the community of Boca Grande with patience and dedication over the past 36 years. This Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan scored a touchdown when she found Boca Grande. Mary cherished her childhood in a Giants household in Dix […]

PROFILE: Eliot Vestner

A passion for learning drives him to write… BY MARCY SHORTUSE- When having a conversation with Eliot Vestner, one of the first things you notice is the quiet assertiveness in his voice and a gentle demeanor. Within minutes you realize this is a man who is much more comfortable talking about anything but himself. For […]