PROFILE: Rob Knapp

BY T MICHELE WALKER – It was one year ago, May 25, that the murder of George Floyd hit the news. As our nation watched, Rob Knapp was eager to take action.  “We wanted to fix this problem. This is about a year ago, and George Floyd is happening, and the world is turning upside […]

PROFILE: John Janes

BY T MICHELE WALKER – For those who want to see the world, there are many professions to choose from. Travel is one of the advantages of a career in the military, flight attendant, cruise ship worker, or foreign service officer. You can add to that list, tennis pro. For John Janes, tennis pro at […]

PROFILE: Carol Elwood

BY T MICHELE WALKER – Here’s a little tip for you. If you’re at a gathering or party and would like to be entertained, sit next to an actor. They have an endless array of performance theater tales to keep you entertained. Carol Elwood is no different as she shares her tales from the stage […]

PROFILE: Patricia Christakos

BY T MICHELE WALKER – When COVID-19 struck our world last year and we were all forced into lockdown, the reactions were as varied as the people themselves, serving as an impromptu Rorschach personality test. Some embraced the much-needed rest and solitude. Others controlled their environment by cleaning and organizing, some exercised and set fitness […]

PROFILE: Rose Marie Blaha

BY T MICHELE WALKER – When you think of famous detective duos, thoughts wander to Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, Mulder and Scully from the X Files, or perhaps Nick and Nora Charles from the Thin Man series. Boca Grande has its own history detective duo in Jim and Rose Marie Blaha. Behind every lead […]

PROFILE: Tricia Mansfield

BY T MICHELE WALKER – Before becoming a full-time artist and the newest board member at the Boca Grande Art Club, Tricia Mansfield spent the early part of her career in environmental policy, work that continues to inform her artistic process to this day. “Long story short, I have a master’s in environmental policy,” she […]

PROFILE: Susan O’Brien

BY T MICHELE WALKER – It all started with a blank canvas; a blank canvas an estate built in 1670. “I’m from Sherborn, Massachusetts, where we lived for 35 years,” said Susan O’Brien, Boca Grande Garden Club president. “We lived on a farm that was built in 1670. It was wonderful. When I started out […]

PROFILE: Zach Rogalski

BY T MICHELE WALKER – Most people spend their weekends relaxing away from work. Zach Rogalski, the new general manager of the Boca Grande Marina, spends his weekends touring Florida marinas with his wife and two young sons. “Most weekends we like to explore different marinas: We enjoy it,” he laughed. “We like to go […]

PROFILE: Meg Pierce

BY SUSAN HANAFEE – If you want to know what it’s like to plan a big party that no one will attend in person, ask Meg Pierce. Meg and her sister-in-law, Julia Pierce, plus a host of other creative members of the Boca Grande Woman’s Club, are finalizing plans for the first-ever “virtual” Gala – […]

PROFILE: Scott Cotherman … from the classroom, to the board room, to the golf course …

BY MARCY SHORTUSE – Scott Cotherman is a man with a professional past that many could only dream of. He has worn many hats, received many kudos for his accomplishments and has led some of the most impressive corporations in the world to become more successful through his actions. But if you ask him how […]