Profile: Nancy Jo Powers

Local Nancy Jo Powers, who now goes by Jo Powers, may be recognizable to avid fans of Island TV, the program that sheds light on public service announcements and provides coverage of local events. When Jo decided to reinvent herself, Boca Grande was the perfect fit. After growing up in Dover, New Hampshire, Jo attended […]

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PROFILE: Cappy Powell

BY OLIVIA CAMERON – Boca Grande resident Cappy Powell is the newest member of the Johann Fust Community Library program committee. From NCAA legislation service to community contribution, Cappy continues to carry out her passions. After spending her childhood in Richmond, Virginia, Cappy studied political science at the Mary Baldwin University. She then went on […]

PROFILE: John Edwardson

BY OLIVIA CAMERON – Gasparilla Island Conservation and Improvement Association board member John Edwardson came to Boca Grande as a jack of all trades. The former business leader also volunteers for The Island School’s million-dollar shootout.  John spent a majority of his childhood in small Indiana and Southern Illinois towns. In 1971, he received his bachelor […]

PROFILE: Karen Snyder

BY OLIVIA CAMERON – Stage lights and scripts are familiar to Royal Palm Players’ actress Karen Snyder, who enjoys taking part in the entertainment aspect of Boca Grande. Before ever wintering on the island, Karen grew up in Rocky River, Ohio. “As a kid I was always performing little skits for the family,” said Karen. […]

PROFILE: Skip Branin

BY OLIVIA CAMERON – Francis ‘Skip’ Branin has dedicated his work to preserving financial stability within the community of Boca Grande. His skillset has allowed him to monitor the funding for island organizations. Before he was ever wintering on Gasparilla Island, Skip grew up in Cranbury, New Jersey, and now spends summers at the “Jersey Shore.” […]

PROFILE: Gretchen Holla

BY OLIVIA CAMERON – Boca Grande’s Englewood Bank has just hired a new manager to keep their tellers in good hands. Gretchen Holla has been in the banking business since her career history began and she is now part of the island crew. However, her managerial title didn’t fall out of the sky. Gretchen joined […]

PROFILE: Phil Hubbard

BY OLIVIA CAMERON – family, business, sports and nonprofit work in a partnership capacity was a way of life for Phil Hubbard long before he and his wife Patsy began to winter in Boca Grande.Growing up in a middle-class family in Fairfi eld, Connecticut, sports were a huge part of his life. His interest in […]

PROFILE: Deputy April Tomyn

BY OLIVIA CAMERON If you thought the flare of the island would stop with the cops, think again. When a certain squad car rolls by the Loose Caboose, you can see the glitter of a pink steering wheel cover.  Deputy April Tomyn is Boca Grande’s very first female sheriff of the Lee County Sheriffs. With […]

PROFILE: Whitty Ransome

BY SUSAN ERWIN Boca Grande resident Whitney “Whitty” Ransome has dedicated a good portion of her professional career to helping motivate young women to realize their potential and recognize their strengths. She co-founded the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools in 1991, started a program in Baltimore to serve underprivileged girls, and even though she is […]

PROFILE: Pauline Lord

BY MARY BESS – It’s a problem most of us would like to have but, despite what Mae West says, too much of a good thing is not necessarily … wonderful. “There are pitfalls of having too much money, but you can find happiness despite it,” says Pauline Lord in a counterintuitive take on the […]