Holiday cheer

I was considering writing an article about COPD and lung cancer since those diseases are featured as the Awareness Diseases for the month of November. After a try or two, I decided that I was not up for suggesting that people stop smoking, given my failure at suggesting that people get vaccinated and attempt to […]

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Love the bees but hate the sting? Here’s how to keep the relationship amicable

Who would ever dare to imagine putting oneself in a situation that would purposely trigger the flight or fight response typically associated with an unexpected encounter with bees be therapeutic? If you have ever experienced the unwelcome and unwanted presence of bees in or anywhere around your perimeter, you know the terrifying feeling first hand. […]

Grande Rounds series begins with ‘Back to Boca’ virtual talk

The “Grande Rounds” health lecture series sponsored by the Boca Grande Health Clinic and the Boca Grande Health Clinic Foundation is set to kick off the season on November 16. “Back to Boca” will be the main theme of the first talk, which will feature Clinic physician Raymond A. James, D.O. and Clinic CEO Mark […]

New Physician to Join Boca Grande Health Clinic

By the Boca Grande Health Clinic CEO The Boca Grande Health Clinic is pleased to announce that Bret Kueber, M.D. will join the Clinic early next year as a full-time physician alongside Raymond A. James, D.O. and Thomas J. Ervin, M.D. “I am very excited to welcome Dr. Kueber to the Clinic,” said Mark Driscoll, […]

Just a spoonful of sugar … finding sweet balance

With Halloween just days away, you may have found yourself dipping into the candy bowl. If you have kids you know the temptation of digging through their trick-or-treat bag to find those Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or Kit Kats, which more often than not leads to the psychological distress of owning up to the deed […]

Florida legislators introduce Safe Waterways Act

To the Editor: Residents and tourists come to Florida’s iconic waters for recreation and enjoyment, but unfortunately many state waterways have become more polluted and dangerous. In fact, nearly one million acres of coastal estuaries and 9,000 miles of Florida’s streams and rivers are verified impaired for fecal indicator bacteria. FIB indicates the presence of […]

Lee County says ‘no’ to Friends COVID protocols

The Friends of Boca Grande Community Center has been notified by Jesse Lavender, Director of Lee County Parks and Recreation, that the previously announced health & safety protocol cannot be approved by the County.  The Friends policy asked all patrons 12 and older that are attending ticketed indoor programs to: • Provide proof of a […]

Is the island safe?

An open letter from the Boca Grande Health Clinic By Raymond James DO, Boca Grande Health Clinic The pandemic has created a very difficult and stressful year for us all, especially those of us in healthcare on the front lines. I believe politics should have no part in healthcare, yet the political manipulation and misinformation […]

Moderna booster shots available by appointment

The Boca Grande Health Clinic will offer drive-thru COVID-19 vaccine clinics for our registered patients and Island employees who signed the Boca Grande Pledge. The Clinic will administer the Moderna vaccine by appointment under the Clinic Annex carport. Drive-thru booster clinics will be open from 9 a.m. to Noon on the following days: • Thursday, […]

Friends Organization Health and Safety Protocols

To the Editor: The Friends of Boca Grande Community Center is ready to welcome you back to the island with a plethora of programming. We have begun selling tickets to the full capacity of our venues and social distancing is no longer in place. While we know there is no guarantee against exposure to COVID, […]