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Celebrating the people making the Clinic grand 

April 19, 2024
By Boca Grande Health Clinic


Every year we celebrate Doctor’s Day and Nurses Week, but there’s one more recognition event that’s just as important. Administrative Professionals Day is April 24th this year and I want to be sure to bring special attention to three incredibly special members of the Boca Grande Health Clinic family.

Jonna Foos, Director of Operations:

Jonna is the true North Star of the Clinic. She has been with us for nine years now, beginning as a patient representative, expanding into administrative duties and now as Director of Operations. She provides administrative oversight to the daily operations of the Clinic, making sure everyone is where they are supposed to be and has the tools and resources to do remarkable things for our patients. She works with me, the physicians and the board of directors to ensure the Clinic delivers the personalized, quality care our patients have come to expect and certainly appreciate.

Kelsey Chavarria, Operations Lead

As Operations Lead, Kelsey is focused and steadfast in everything she does, with particular attention to administrative and financial tasks. She is the second longest-tenured employee of the Clinic and in June completed her master’s degree in health services administration. 

Cara Onofrio, Patient Representative

Cara, a fifth-generation Island native, is our patient representative dedicated to building strong patient relationships. And she is in the process of completing her bachelor’s degree while working at the Clinic, a testament to her commitment to quality.

Kelsey and Cara have strong ties to the Island through family connections here. They both attended Boca Grande Preschool and continue to maintain great local relationships.

We handle a high volume of calls, especially during peak season (when we can get 400 or more calls a week), and these are the voices on the other end ensuring that everyone who calls gets personal attention. We don’t rely on voicemail; our team is here to connect with you.

Reflections on the current and future clinic

The Boca Grande Clinic wouldn’t be the great place it is without these three and I’m very grateful to have them on our team, keeping things running smoothly. Below, our staff members answer the question of what I like most about working at the clinic, and what I am most looking forward to with the “Clinic of the Future.”

If you’d like to express your gratitude to Jonna, Kelsey or Cara, please share your message with us by visiting our tribute page:

Below, staff answers the question “what I like most about working at the Clinic” and “What I am most looking forward to with the Clinic of the Future.” 

Jonna Foos, Director of Operations

I like our patients and the level of service we provide for them, as well as the dynamics and relationships amongst the staff.

I’m looking forward to not being separated into two buildings. Splitting up creates so many obstacles and inconsistent workflows.

Kelsey Chavarria, Operations Lead

What I like most about working at the Clinic is helping with the island community’s healthcare needs. Each day offers a new experience to learn something new, and the small island attracts people from all walks of life. The Clinic’s patient-centric approach to care allows us to have stronger relationships with our patients.

The Clinic of the Future will expand and enhance our services and will allow us to better care for our patients for many years to come.

Cara Onofrio, Patient Representative

What I like most about working at the Clinic is that we are a smaller practice that can focus on individual patient needs and make a real difference in our patients’ quality of care. Being on a small island, we are lucky enough to know most of our patients personally, and every one of us is invested in their care – from the physicians and clinical staff to the administrative team.

I’m looking forward to the expanded clinical services the Clinic of the Future will offer and continuing to provide exceptional care to our island community.