Spring is a great time to change your landscaping habits

April 19, 2019
By Marcy Shortuse

To the Editor:
Jays for Justice … for nature preservatists and lovers. While we all think of our beautiful island this springtime, let’s be thankful for our nature’s bounty of lovely birdsong, whispering trees, gentle and sometimes strong waves of wisdom both rippling and roaring … and then WHAM, windows go shut because the leaf blowers have arrived in force. Gentle men and women of Gasparilla Island, have we had enough of this incessant noise, air pollutant, and a hazard to most plants, insects, butterflies … all that God created for our enjoyment. As many of you are leaving our island to spend time in cooler climates, don’t forget us rounders who spend all year here.
Please try to get past the added cost of a rake or broom. Please rethink your ylawn services and how they can become more environmentally aware and responsible for you, me, Boca Grande and the planet. “Leaf blower free” yard signs are available for $10, ready to spike in the ground. Just email jane.n.shanley@gmail.com. Jane Shanley Boca Grande