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Boca Beacon backpages FIVE YEARS AGO Hurricane Irma came and went, leaving many trees down but few homes damaged. Power was out for some time, though.  Wini Smart left us at the age of 85.  TEN YEARS AGO There was some major landscaping renovation going on at Coral Creek Airport, and numerous swing bridge builders […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Pet friendly shelter information and more

To the Editor:  Don’t leave your pets, and don’t use your pet as an excuse not to evacuate. Don’t put yourself, your family and your pet at risk! You are responsible for planning for your pet. Take your pet disaster supplies if you evacuate, go to friends/relatives, a public shelter (Charlotte County public shelters are […]

Bocascopes … follow the stars and learn your future

Boca Beacon backpages Aries: Stop chewing your nails; there’s COVID out there. Kudos on your recent triumph at work! Keep that in mind as you try to berate yourself at every turn for every small thing. Red pens are going to be needed this week so make sure you have some. Taurus: The pets that […]

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