Iguana Committee members give some insight into what’s happening

April 19, 2019
By Marcy Shortuse

To the Editor:
As members of the “Iguana Committee,” we thought it might be helpful to share what we have learned at the recent meeting and in a subsequent communication with the county representative to the committee.
The Iguana Committee is an advisory panel attached to a panel which controls the Lee County lighting obligations for Boca Grande. Only the county has the power to hire and regulate the iguana technician who, presently, has a contract for four years (through 2020 until January 31, 2021).
Since we obtained a copy of the agreement iwth Mr. Cera at the meeting of March 5, we subsequently requested additional information from Mr. Tim Gard, the Lee County representative through an email solicitation.
After reviewing the agreement we asked abou the length of the contract. The agreement was for the year of 2017 with renewals for three additional years. Mr. Gard explained that the final year will extend the contract until January 31, 2021.
When asked what the procedure would be if the committee wanted to suggest an amendment to the agreement, or if the committee desired a new solicitation of trappers before the last year’s renewal, the answer was that the agreement could not be amended and that the county needs at least six months before the expiration of the contract as “the precurement process can be lengthy.”
Also, since the contract gives the county the right to request carcass verification, we asked how we might request that. The answer was, we would have to call a meeting, publish it, obtain a quorum, and vote on it. However, “this occurred years ago when the contract paid per iguana but it was abandoned for its inefficiency (i.e. very time consuming”).
Lastly, we requested when the door handle tag notification of the technician’s visit to a resident’s property would commence for Mr. Cera’s use, so that he might demonstrate his answer to your calls. We had asked for this verification of his return call. The answer was that a business card had been ordered instead, and was ready. It includes Mr. Cera’s phone number, which is (941) 830-4266. Do makes those calls.
It should also be noted that no committee existed since 2016 with the resignations of most members, leaving no quorum for action.
Committee Members
Sally Kling, Joan Hall
Boca Grande