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August 24, 2023
By Marcy Shortuse

While the Atlantic is kicking up, action at the Bakery Building has slowed down this week. A new demolition crew will begin work on Monday, headed up by Kevin Kelley, and the Lee County Attorney’s Office has spoken with the building’s new owner, Sue Sligar, who is back in town. The building is listed under the name of Tower Landing, LLC. 

Kelley’s crew should begin next week with a target of completing the second-floor demo, possibly by hand. It is a delicate procedure with Barnichol Hardware next door and a building that looks more precarious than ever.

Once the building has been taken down to the first floor level, the Steele Construction team can come back and begin work again on the platform that will hold the monopole tower in place. 

As far as the engineering and permitting issues that were holding up progress for quite some time, it appears they are taken care of … as has been a concern about asbestos at the site.

More next week …