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August 24, 2023
By Marcy Shortuse

The number of people who responded after we ran a story about the wayward Alzamora fountain gives proof of the fact that there are many people on this island who care about our history. Thank you for restoring our faith in that fact. We received almost 20 emails, phone calls, texts and Facebook responses, truth be told.

While it looks like we have found the fountain a home, we are not 100 percent sure as of press time. We did want to clarify something, though, that is pretty important.

This fountain is a big one, and it is very heavy. It will require heavy machinery to move it and, ideally, we want it to stay on the island. It cost the former property owner on Tarpon Street about $5,000 to have it moved next door. 

None of the public venues on the island are interested, so it will most likely go to a private party. We have one working hard on it now, but this is tricky, expensive business. 

We will let you know next week how it turned out. But thank you, again, for caring so much for such a wonderful piece of our island’s history.