LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Uncharted territory made less scary by the BGWC

April 24, 2020
By Marcy Shortuse

To the Editor,

The last few months have been a scary venture into uncharted territory for all of us here in the Island community. Just as we were getting ready for the onset of the busy Spring season, which keeps Island businesses going, and provides sustenance to many local workers, we were hit by an unforeseen menace. At first we tried to carry on as usual, but then stores and restaurants were shuttered and the beaches closed down.

Federal relief efforts were announced, but are not suitable for many seasonal businesses, and the application process is daunting. Many businesses, including the restaurant I own, Third Street Bistro, faced an unpleasant choice. Either close down and lay off our workers, or try to carry on, even with business reduced to a trickle.

Many of our customers have continued to order takeout meals, enabling us to remain open, and have been generous and kind with their expressions of support. I was truly overwhelmed with gratitude, though, when I was informed of the Boca Grande Woman’s Club relief fund. In record time, these kind people have organized a huge effort to support Island businesses and workers! In a matter of days, both my restaurant and several of my workers had received concrete help. This has been invaluable in enabling Third Street to keep going, and in covering unexpected holes in family budgets.

I have always known Boca Grande was a kind and generous place, but this crisis has brought out the best in the Woman’s Club and made me more determined than ever to weather the setback and bring our Island back even better than before. Thank you BGWC!


Alex Herrmann

Third Street Bistro