LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Moving into Phase 2

April 24, 2020
By Marcy Shortuse

To the Editor,

The burden is shifting to us, as it should.

For two months we’ve been inundated with news, opinions and decisions, and watched the stock market bounce like a yoyo. All of this “activity” has been taking place by people who still have their income and don’t mind staying at home until that virus thing is long gone and forgotten.

Meanwhile, those who used to work are at home with their children, with no income, rapidly maxing out their credit card debt. Many wonder if there will be a job to return to after the politicians finish their destructive actions.

The greatest economy ever. Yes it was, a consumer driven economy. But, guess what, when someone is struggling to pay the rent or mortgage, car payment, utilities and have enough left to buy a little food, discretionary spending is long gone.They begin to think about actually opening that savings account as soon as this has passed. A cell phone is no longer a necessity, if it ever was. 5G cell phone, not in the foreseeable future.

Our economy is dying from the bottom up.

Everyone one of us, those who haven’t lost their income, can do something about this. It is our turn to help. One person at a time.

I’ve missed three haircuts from Carol. So have all her other customers. She’s a sole proprietor who has had no income for at least two months. Now we’re moving into her slow season. She charges $15 and can cut anyone’s hair in under 10 minutes. I usually give her $20. When I get the next haircut I’m going to make up for the ones I missed, plus a little. $100 sounds like a nice round number.

The waitresses and bartenders who have not been able to take care of us. Same idea. Make up for the lost opportunity and help them live … and I’m not going to put it on the charge card. Cash is king. Swing past the bar and give the bartender an extra large cash tip.

You had normally gone out to eat once a week. As soon as the restaurant open, change that to twice a week.

That shirt or painting you’ve been thinking about buying. Stop thinking and buy it.

I think you get the idea.

Be creative!

Steve Keiffer

Boca Grande