LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A message to island dogs who want to make history … dog owners, please relay this message to your dog

January 29, 2021
By Marcy Shortuse

Dear Boca Grande Dogs,

Has COVID got you down? Are your paws sore from walking your master too many times a day, too many weeks and months in a row? Are you tired of being the only source of entertainment in the house and underappreciated?

We have just the thing for you … it’s showtime! Dog show time that is, as the Boca Grande Woman’s Club Spring Fair/Dog Show hosts a Dog Gone Wild West event this season …virtually, inspiring a Wild West themed community spirit day on Saturday, March 13.

Join the “Dog Gone Wild West” event from the comfort of your doghouse, and be recognized for the fabulous being you are.

Do you have a best trick? Look like your owner?  Have the best western themed costume? Are you the oldest/youngest dog in Boca Grande? Have a story to tell? Want your face immortalized on a poster?

Starting the first week in February, you will be able to register online at the BocaGrandeWomansClub.org website or pick up your entry form at Hudson’s, Island Dog, or the Boca Grande Community Center. Deadline for registration is March 1.

Winners will be announced online and in the Boca Beacon in time for the Dog Gone Wild West spirit day in Boca Grande Saturday, March 13, when the whole town will show their cowboy, cowgirl and canine spirit.

Send any inquiries to bgwc33921@gmail.com.


Boca Grande Woman’s Club

Boca Grande