LETTER TO THE EDITOR: It was a privilege to be part of ‘World Wars’

April 7, 2017
By Marcy Shortuse

To the Editor:
I was privileged to be involved as an editor of the Friends of Boca Grande book, “World Wars—Memories and Reflections of Boca Grande Families. The sixty stories in the book were submitted by Boca Grande residents whose stories tell of their own or their families’ experiences during World War I and II, documented with pictures, letters, diaries, telegrams, pictures, memories, and tears.
The overwhelming feeling one comes away with is of loyalty, pride, willing sacrifice, and love of country by all involved in the war efforts.
My thanks to those of you who submitted stories, and to fellow editor Barbara Edgerton, with whom I worked closely. This was a thrilling project to be a part of– I wish it had never ended.
Sandy Jacobs
World Wars—Memories and Reflections of Boca Grande Families is available for purchase at the Friends of Boca Grande Community Center office. Note: The personal stories of the book would serve as an interesting accompaniment to America’s Conflicts World War II Symposium at the Community Center from Monday to Wednesday, April 10 to 12.