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Density meeting in Charlotte County set for February 28

February 23, 2023
By Staff Report

The Charlotte County hearing on Cape Haze density is set for 2 p.m. on Tuesday, February 28 in Room 119 of the Murdock Administration building. 

Charlotte County government has proposed a rule that would limit density to 15 units per acre, but would allow a developer to ask for up to 65 units per acre in excepted areas that have a land use status of “Compact Growth Mixed Use (CGMU).”

That would include the old Fishery property and one at Gasparilla Road and El Jobean Road, otherwise known as 776 or McCall Road. Named the West County Town Center, the 1,300 acre property could qualify for up to 76 units per acre of affordable housing for area service workers.

Some argue that because that amount of units could equate to more than 84,000 living units with a location that is critical to hurricane evacuation, the idea is not sound.

The meeting is sure to be well attended and should prove to be interesting.

NOTE: Last week’s Boca Beacon said the meeting was at 1 p.m. Please note that it is at 2 p.m.