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And yet the world of today needs strong, dedicated men to protect their families, guide their children to be good people, instill good values in their daily lives and foster a love of the Earth in order to protect it from the onslaught against today’s ecosystems and animal species. Yes, fathers need to be Father Nature teachers also. The need to protect this planet and teach the younger generation the need for this protection is vital. Men have always been seen and thought of as protectors of their families, and it’s time now to step forward in this ongoing battle to protect the environment. Doing so will help protect their families.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Many thanks given for another Kids Classic success

And a special thank you to all the kids and captains who fished the tournament. We hope you enjoyed a fun and competitive event. Your participation will help a family somewhere and you are helping to spread our education/conservation message to protect our wonderful tarpon fishing resource for years to come.