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“Peace Corps was wonderful to me, getting me home, handling my belongings and offering any other help I might need,” she recalled. “The day before my mother became sick, my father was diagnosed with kidney cancer and was scheduled for surgery. The operation was done three weeks after my mom’s funeral, and Dad died during surgery. They had been a couple since they were about 16 years old and had been married for 56 years. It was a blessing for them not to live too long without one another, but it was devastating to us, their children.” 


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Island roads, south bike path undergoing repairs

The roadwork scheduled for Boca Grande has begun. In April the Lee County Department of Transportation approved a plan on behalf of Lee County commissioners that partners the county with Ajax Paving Industries of Florida, LLC in resurfacing Boca Grande roads.

With Bill 2908 shot down, what’s next for clean water?

Senate Bill 2508 was a sneak attack, an unexpected attempt to derail clean-water progress. It was a battle waged with extreme implications and potentially catastrophic consequences—one that nobody saw coming. Thankfully, with your help, we stopped that attempt and prevented it from harming our waterways.

Those are some really expensive tennis courts:

When asked about Lee County’s projected general funding budget of  $85,000 for fiscal year 2022-23 for the courts, and $850,000 for fiscal year 2023-24, Clayton confirmed that those funds are specifically allotted for the island’s public tennis/pickleball courts.