The tarpon are here … where are all y’all anglers?

Right now the amount of tarpon in Boca Grande Pass is prolific, according to many local captains, but when you look out on the water, you’ll often see only two or three boats. While it’s a good thing that the tarpon population gets a rest after a busy season, there are still people who make their living guiding on the water and are ready to take clients out – and the tarpon are ready to be caught and put up a fight.

FWC makes numerous announcements important to Southwest Florida

At its July meeting, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) covered a lot of ground, including redfish and amberjack regulations, shore nesting bird safety and how to handle injured wild animals. The (FWC) approved new management regions and regulation changes for redfish in state waters following the final rule hearing.  These regulation changes, […]

The Island School gets an ‘A’ on its report card

Last week the Florida Department of Education released their annual list of Florida schools graded by performance, and The Island School got another “A” report card. Head of School Christine Oliver said she credits the parents, teachers and students for the grade … as well as a huge amount of hard work.

When you look through old newspapers, you find all kinds of interesting things

While the Fourth of July is a somewhat distant memory in the minds of many (of course Monday is a distant memory for many people), we thought you might be interested in something we found while going through old newspapers this week. Prior to this last Independence Day, we were brainstorming and trying to figure […]

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TURTLE TRACKS: Turtle facts you might not know

Warmer temperatures result in female turtles, while males hatch from colder eggs. Rising temperatures pose a risk to sea turtle populations because more females would hatch, making it difficult to find a mate.