Picking the brain of Roger Lewis … no pun intended

Elizabeth’s book for me revolved around the thesis that we fouled up the environment with our technology, and we can use technology to fix it. She travels the world finding people working on different solutions. One of her examples involves putting carp in the Mississippi River to solve a plant problem that ends up being a major carp problem that has to be solved. And did you know there is a cave in the Mojave desert with fish? How did they get there?

BIPS talks gopher tortoises

Gopher tortoises can live 40 to 80 years in the wild. They love to forage on tender low-growing green plants and leaves in the early morning or late afternoon but can also be found eating flowers on prickly pear cactus and hibiscus, saw palmetto berries and gopher apples. They have one clutch of eggs per year, which contains anywhere from three to 14 eggs, and it takes about 100 days for the eggs to incubate. The sex of the eggs is temperature-dependent, meaning that if the temperature is above 85 F, the hatchling will be a female, and if lower, it will be a male.  


on came to GIWA at the beginning of this year, abandoning his plan of retiring after working nearly four decades in the utilities industry. Southeast Florida had been his home most of his life, coming to Hollywood with his parents when he was only seven years old. After high school graduation he joined the Air Force, serving in active duty for a year, and then six years in the Air Force Reserves. 

ASK A DOC: Checkups?

BY DR. RAYMOND JAMES, D.O. Doubtful David recently asked me, “Do I really need to see you every year for a checkup if I feel good?”  His question was especially pertinent, since he had skipped his annual physical last year due to the pandemic. He had gained weight like many have during the change in […]

EDITORIAL: Gasparilla Mobile Estates residents still struggling with storm damage

It has been more than seven months since the morning of January 16, when an F1 tornado swept the bottom of Cape Haze Peninsula, damaging more than two dozen mobile homes in Gasparilla Island Estates. You would think in that amount of time, certainly the damage was cleaned up and repaired. But time has been […]

The orchid house on the bay and the beautiful lady who lives there

Change can be difficult to accept, especially in the last few years when progress seems to be accelerating and changes are everywhere all over the Cape Haze Peninsula. One thing that has not changed – at least not yet – is a little family home at the back of Eldred’s Marina. You might have missed it all this time if you’ve only been to the main parking area, but when you see it, you’ll never forget it.