Three lucky finds …

August 21, 2020
By Marcy Shortuse
STAFF REPORT – Bryan Steinman is a very lucky kid. The 11-year-old was visiting his grandparents, Bill and Jean Steinman, of Boca Grande when he found three rare junonia shells on the beach on July 4th.
The Junonia sea snail lives miles offshore, in water between 30 and 130 meters deep, so it’s very rare for the waves to roll them all the way to the beach without being damaged.
The largest junonia shells, above 110mm, can reach high value, above $100. They can be found in the USA in Florida, Texas, Mexico. The record size for a junonia shell is 154mm.
Sorry to all of you avid shell collectors who had to read this, but it just goes to show that beachcombing is truly anyone’s game.