The Boca Grande Woman’s Club “Dog-gone Wild West Dog Show” and the Bike Parade were a true good-time hootenanny for all

March 13, 2021
By Marcy Shortuse

STAFF REPORT – The Boca Grande Woman’s Club Dog Show was virtual this year, but it didn’t make the task of choosing the winners any easier. With such a fine selection of hounds to choose from, making final decisions was daunting. The deed was done, though, and these are the winners that have been chosen.

Sarge Reecher won the “Best Trick” category.

The “Best Western Costume” award went to Billie Merritt.

The “Boca Baby” winners were Carl and Jasper Patenaude.

Cooper Brookhart was part of a two-way tie for the “Best Poster” award.

Roadie Vaughn was part of a two-way tie for the “Dog/Owner Look-alike” contest.

Moosie Skinner was in a two-way tie in the “Dog/Owner Look-alike” contest.

Pepper Birgbauer was part of a two-way tie in the “Best Poster” category.

Scooter Hawkins took the “Best Dog Tale” prize with “The Tail of Nine Lives.” There was the time he fell through the ice as a pup and was rescued by friend in a wet suit; the time he swam far out into the bay after geese and had to be rescued by boat; the time he chased geese around a marsh and was rescued by kayak; the time he chased a raccoon into the water, and it nearly drowned him before a fully-clothed friend jumped in to save him; the second time he chased a raccoon into the water and was rescued; the time he fought and killed a raccoon under the back deck; the time his owner broke up a fight with a raccoon using a golf club; the time he got sprayed by a skunk, jumped into his owner’s bed under the sheets … at 14 years of age, he still has one to go!

16-year-old Toby Edwardson took the “Boca Geezer” award.

They were also featured at the “Dog-gone Wild West Dog Show & Spirit Day” this Saturday, March 13. At the ceremony on Saturday Misty Nichols, executive director of the GICIA, announced that the winner of the “Best Dog-gone Wild West Spirit” Award was Archie Schum, a Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever owned by Elizabeth Schum of Boca Grande (see photo at top of story). More than 50 dog show posters were on display for all to see, the parade was very well attended (see winners from the parade in next week’s Boca Beacon) and in all it was a true old-fashioned hootenanny.