Thanks to you, we will have our pavilion sun screen

March 18, 2016
By Marcy Shortuse

lynda jamison
To the Editor:
Before much more time slips away from me, I would like to thank the Boca Grande community for rising to the occasion and supporting my two concerts on February 23. Not only did you support me with a wonderful response to my crazy antics on stage, but you rallied enough financial support to do this island proud! With our matching grant we raised $40,850, which is enough to purchase the sun screen for the outdoor bandstand. Hooray for everyone!
Because so many more options have opened up with the mechanics of the sun screen since we first looked at this option and at a more improved cost of the construction, we are now taking a slower approach to affording the space with an even better design at the same cost. I promise that everyone from bands and performers to dogs and children will be happy with the outcome.
I must give huge accolades to Marta Howell, Debbie Frank, Kyle Rich and the rest of the Community Center staff, which includes Joe, DJ and David. The evening couldn’t have been pulled off without you. Huge hugs to everyone from me.
Lynda Jamison
Boca Grande