Thanks to a generous donor, Hope for Haitians goal met

May 10, 2019
By Marcy Shortuse

To the Editor:
It was another miraculous year for the Haitian people.
When we sent a thank you letter to the Boca Beacon editor in mid-April, we said we hoped we would make our goal (50 houses) by season’s end as we have in the past. At that time we were overwhelmed after we had just received a check for seven houses and had enough money now to build 42. Eight more to go.
We couldn’t help thinking about how our Lord came through for us in the past. That gave us hope. For the next three weeks, money slowly come in – and as of May 6, we were at 46 houses, thinking that maybe this was the end, four houses short. This morning we received a call from a person who has already given a house and wanted to know how many more we needed to sell. We said we needed four more houses to complete the project. This person said they had extra money and our Lord touched their heart to share it with the poor, and said they would buy the four remaining houses.
God again has blessed our project and the Haitian people! Our partner, Food for the Poor, will start building 50 houses this summer. We will report to you in November on our progress.
Thank you again for all your support.
The Hope for Haitians Committee
Boca Grande