Talk about a fantastic experience at the sandbar! Dolphin v. snook caught on film

May 23, 2021
By Marcy Shortuse

BY MARCY SHORTUSE – A dolphin chasing his dinner made for great entertainment for one South Venice couple who got up close to the action … almost too close.

Corey and Karen Brehm of South Venice were out in the waters around the railroad trestle two weekends ago when Corey saw the encounter begin. He immediately started filming.

“Corey was standing in the water, and my daughter and I went out on a paddleboard to check the dolphin out,” Karen said. “Corey walked over to get closer.”

As Corey went to get closer, so did the dolphin. As Corey is filming there are several times when all you can see is dolphin head and fin. Then he exclaimed, “The snook just went between my legs!” 


Luckily, the dolphin didn’t follow the snook, or Corey might have gone on quite a wild ride.

 As the snook swam away the dolphin juked to the side and snagged his meal. Corey was so engaged with what he just saw, he thanked the dolphin for the display. The couple said while they come to the sandbar frequently, this was the first time anything like that happened.

“The experience was incredible!” Corey said. “It was great to see the dolphin hunting in his natural environment, and to be able to witness its speed and power was awesome! I certainly appreciated being a part of it, and may have somewhat been thanking the dolphin for not taking me out in his hunt for dinner! We see them all the time but this was obviously the closest experience I’ve had to them at the sandbar!”