Spark Boca Grande TV the place for final Grande Glee concert of season

June 19, 2020
By Olivia Cameron

STAFF REPORT- On Sunday, June 21 at 5 p.m., Grande Glee is going to premiere their Cocktail Concert on the Spark Boca Grande TV channel on YouTube. No, it’s not the concert they originally planned to sing last April. Instead, this group decided to spend the pandemic working on new solos. Together.    
Every Wednesday night they met for cocktails and conversation via Zoom. Then they met every Friday morning for their usual Grande Glee workshop, again via Zoom. Of course, singing as a group on Zoom is not very satisfying. The music doesn’t sound the way you expect. The harmonies are out of synch. And after rehearsing for months in preparation for Grande Glee’s end-of-season Singing Soiree, the disappointment was acute.
 Still, they all needed something serious to focus on during the three months of lockdown. Erica Ress Martin, Grande Glee’s founder, asked if they’d like to do a virtual concert. Sharon Ponte, Glee’s musical director, sent out a list of fun songs. They challenged the singers to perform the songs in costume, relying on facial expressions to sell their numbers. Sharon worked with each singer individually, recording many of the results on Zoom. When each soloist was happy with the final product, Erica edited everything together.
The Grande Glee’s pandemic product is finally finished, and you are invited to grab a drink and tune in for 45 minutes of fun. It’s the Grande Glee Cocktail Concert. 
Here’s the program: Go to YouTube and search for Spark Boca Grande TV. Then click on the Grande Glee Cocktail Concert, and have fun watching your friends sing their hearts out. Of course, if you miss it, the concert will still be available on Spark Boca Grande TV.