Remembering the days when people were kind in Boca Grande

December 7, 2018
By Marcy Shortuse

To the Editor:
Could someone inform the thieves of Boca Grande that public land is public land, and that claiming “their” beach is private needs to stop?
The accesses are supposed to be 50 feet wide. I have the maps. Duane Futch gave them to me.
They don’t belong to you, they belong to everyone in the world. I am disgusted by the greed and selfishness. It is everywhere and in every faction.
To give a few examples, I was walking down the sidewalk and two women were coming toward me. I had to step off into the street because they would not give way. Recently I was trying to walk down the Pink stairs with crutches, and again no one would give way or help me. Another time I was using a walker in The Inn dining room, trying to get back to my table in the corner. Guess what! No one would help me. At one time I had a cast on, and I came out of the ladies’ room and a woman said, “Nice shoe.”
That’s more like it.
I’ve been in Boca Grande since since the 1960s … now it’s ruined.
You don’t know what it was like years ago. Gilchrist Avenue was all sandspurs then, not sod. The island wasn’t made up of guarded, gated communities. I was walking through Boca Bay for exercise and was thrown out three times, but originally the developers told us before building it (yes, it was once green space) that it would be a “community within our community.”
Thanks a lot.
Victoria Kittredge
Boca Grande