Many thanks from a grateful family to a grieving community

October 19, 2018
By Marcy Shortuse

To the Editor, Dear Friends and Relatives,
Words cannot convey my gratitude to those who took part in the beautiful expression of honor displayed in tribute to the life of my husband, Mark Futch – a father, a brother, a grandfather, friend and teacher to many and carrier of life stories, on this past Saturday.
The boats in the Pass, the planes in the sky, the people on the beach and those at the Powerhouse. God bless you all. I thank you over and over for how much this meant to those of us left behind.
Captains Fred Scott, Nat Italiano, Tater Spinks, Wayne Joiner, Bill Miller, Matt Coleman, Van Hubbard, Dumplin Wheeler, Ned VanDeere, Jason & Steve Futch, Tom McLaughlin; with George Melissas, Slim, Hal Coleman, Peter Sieglaff and more.
Unable to be with us were Capt. Frank Davis and Capt. Sandy Melvin who were helping family hit by the hurricane. Some 100 standing on the Lighthouse Point were led in a prayer by our Spirit-led Boca Grande Baptist Pastor, Gary Beatty. It is estimated there were 300+ at the Powerhouse.
The Warbirds flyby with the Missing Man maneuver was breathtaking and arranged by our friend, Jack Harrington and piloted by Zack Olzacki, Tom Smith, Tony Greene and Al DiDario. The plans by Mike Wetzer were also appreciated, as was the attention paid by the Sheriff boats.
All the wonderful people who helped coordinate, set up, decorate, provide food & drinks, serve and clean up after: Betsy Joiner, Lora Barman, Snake, Smitty,  J.T.,  Linda Mostyn, Kim Stevens, the very special “Sitarah” cake by Pat Cavanagh, Carmy Witzky and Bev Caporossi, Nicola’s Restaurant family, Paul DeGaeta, and all the help given us by the Pass Club General Manager, Tony Zaranti, with special thanks to Bruce Stirling and Mark Spurgeon.
We are thankful for the professional video show by Island TV Rick Montgomery and overhead drone filming with testimonials outside, and for the stunning photographic display around inside by Skip Perry.
Much love for the generosity of Jackie Silcox Fogarty, Becky Paterson, Mike Vasher, and Susan Mansfield and the lovely flower arrangement that adorned our table from the Touchett’s.
I was truly touched by all the people who traveled from all over the United States, and even from out of the country to pay tribute to Mark. Thank you. The love and respect was overwhelming and it will never be forgotten.
The Futch family:
Kathy, David, Sally, Matt, Rey, Christian, Marisa