Local business buys 800 pieces of clothing for charity organization

September 11, 2020
By Olivia Cameron

BY OLIVIA CAMERON- On Thursday, Sept. 10, the St. David’s Jubilee Center ladies packed up a large donation  of clothing at Fresh Produce – 800 pieces, to be exact – which came to them courtesy of Parsley-Baldwin Realty and its owners Michelle Finley and Jim Benson. 
Ruth Hill, director of St. David’s Jubilee Center, coordinated the donation with Michelle. She sent Inez and Marcy to pickup the clothing at the store.
“At the center, we have something called a Clothes Closet each Tuesday where we give out free clothing to anyone in need,” said Inez. “Since we can’t let anyone in due to COVID, we’ve been going out and taking their orders. We supply them with what they need and always give them extra.”
When Ruth asked the pair to pickup the gracious donation, they were overjoyed.
“We usually give out more pre-owned articles, but thanks to Michelle and Jim, we have bins of new clothes to provide the community! We are so happy to do it because we know it’s going to make people feel so good,” said Inez.
Michelle is happy to have donated to a local cause. 
“I can’t believe all of those beautiful clothes from Fresh Produce will be donated to the people who need them most,” said Michelle. 
“This is an amazing blessing,” said Inez. “I don’t have the words to describe how thankful we are. One bag of clothing alone makes us excited. I believe karma comes back to you and Michelle will get paid tenfold.”
Fresh Produce has been trying to reduce their inventory in a big way for more than month, as they are regrouping just before going on hiatus for late summer.