LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Watch out- snakes are on the move

August 28, 2020
By Olivia Cameron

To the Editor:
This is a very busy time of year for rattlesnakes; it’s their breeding season! You’re more likely to see a rattlesnake during summer and fall because males are out and about searching for a mate and females are giving birth to live young. 
All native snakes play an important part in our ecosystem, and should be left alone and admired from a distance. 
You may also be more likely to encounter snakes after severe weather. Check out our Wildlife and Storms webpage to learn what to do, at bit.ly/2XknvZ6.
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Photo by Charlie Coleman of a rattlesnake on the Boca Grande Causeway. It was run over by a vehicle, and the boy holding the snake made sure to cut the head off. Even a “dead” rattlesnake has the potential to have a nerve response and strike.