It is time for the postmistress to go

January 25, 2019
By Marcy Shortuse

To the Editor:
There is a concerted effort underway to have the current postmistress, Melisa Bicker, replaced in her position. For too long now, many of us have been at the receiving end of her arbitrary and non-collaborative behavior.
This behavior typically takes the form of returning our mail to the sender, because the address doesn’t precisely satisfy her … even though she knows full well who we are and what our box number is. Annoyingly, she compounds this insult by neglecting to inform us, in any way, that she has done so. When we eventually find out, it is often with dire consequences, as deadlines are missed, mail is lost, and (sometimes substantial) incremental costs are incurred to recreate/resend the mail that she consciously diverted.
No discussion or confrontation with her has altered this behavior, as she hides behind a lame assertion that she is following USPS policy … which is simply not true.
So, it’s time for her to go. We deserve the “service” part of the Postal Service’s name. It apparently doesn’t click with her that she works for us … not the other way around.
Initial discussions have been held with Postal Service hierarchy, and they were open-minded, concerned and receptive to more background and specifics.
What we urgently need are your own experiences summarized on one page. We particularly would appreciate a summary of any discussions you’ve had with her superior, Sherry Jude. If you’ve had discussions with her, what was her reaction? More importantly, what did she do to address or resolve your issue? If you haven’t had such a discussion, please consider having one. Recently a few, but not enough, of us have left her voice messages and are still awaiting a response.
Please also document your own experiences and send your one-page summary to the Beacon directly. In the near future we may invite concerned parties to attend a brief meeting to discuss our our own next steps and provide an update. Enough is enough.
You may contact those of us working on this through the Beacon, since signing this letter would only serve to ensure we didn’t receive our mail.
Concerned citizenry of Boca Grande