Island School students learn about underwater life with ROV project

November 10, 2017
By Marcy Shortuse

Students from The Island School spent Tuesday afternoon at the beach with Mr. Tremaine, testing out their navigation skills using an underwater ROV camera controlled with wiring and a laptop computer.
The ROV is a remotely operated vehicle the students built two years ago. The project is being guided by Mr. Tremaine.
Second through fifth grade students spend a few hours on the first Tuesday of every month at various locations such as piers and different areas of the bayou.
The students participate five at a time and are each given a task during the experiment.
This was the first time the students launched the ROV at the beach, and the wind and rough waves didn’t help the project.
“The weather wasn’t very ideal for this experiment,” Tremaine said. “It took a few times before we could launch it out into the sea and get some good footage.”
Tremaine and the students analyze the video that is recorded during the experiments to understand more about how fish and sea creatures live in their natural environment.