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If you lost a dock, a boathouse or structure on the water, read this

October 28, 2022
By Sheila Evans

As home and business repairs are getting underway in the wake of Hurricane Ian, it is important to remember that docks, boathouses, and other shoreline structures require building permits for construction. 

According to the Lee County Community Development’s Building and Permitting office, dock-related structures include boat lifts, boat davits, boathouses, fishing piers, boardwalks and mooring pilings. Shoreline-related structures include seawalls, rip rap rock revetments and other erosion control structures. 

Dredging is also permitted through the same procedure.

The County has a specific guide dealing with docks and shoreline development. 

In response of the hurricane, office hours have been extended. Office hours are 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday, and 8 a.m. to noon on Saturday.  

Phase II of the Disaster Recovery procedures extends permitting, review, and inspection services to all types of construction, regardless of damage, while ensuring those with hurricane damage are given priority.

The Phase II Disaster Recovery Permitting Requirements and the Guides and Forms webpage have detailed information about permitting requirements by type.

There are some types of hurricane-related work that do not require a permit. These include:

• Removal of debris from on or inside a structure

• Minor demolition to prevent injury or prevent further damage to buildings

• Structural shoring and bracing

• Replacement of broken glass within existing framing for windows and doors

• Repair/Replacement of soffit and gutters

• Roof Shingle replacement of 1 square of shingles (10 ft x 10 ft area, or less)

• Minor non-structural repairs made to the exterior of structures

• Repair of minor water leaks that do not involve structural, mechanical, or electrical systems.

• Previously permitted fences destroyed due to the storm may be re-installed, like for like, in the exact same location.

Owner builders may apply online or in person, and are temporarily not required to come in person to sign the required documents. Instead, they may upload the signed documents in eConnect/ACA or email documents and questions to