Historical Society thanks community for stellar support

December 20, 2019
By Marcy Shortuse

To the Editor, and everyone in the community:
Thanks to all who came to hear Astronaut Kathryn Sullivan speak on December 11. As the Beacon declared last week, she “awed” the crowd in the auditorium where she described the work of astronauts, engineers and others to launch and repair the Hubble telescope.  Earlier that day, she “amazed” The Island School students with what it is like to live on the space station.  Then the students “amazed” the astronaut with their insightful questions. Thanks to the island couple who anonymously donated a number of tickets for school personnel and parents.
Thanks to the volunteers and board members who assisted with the presentation, the book sales and the reception. Special thanks to Roger and Joyce Howe, who sponsored the patron reception.
Though out-of-town for the event, Roger told us that he had seen the replacement lens for the Hubble and that the repair was an amazing engineering and installation feat. And a special thanks to Whitty Ransome, who secured Dr. Sullivan for this presentation and chaired the event.
Finally, special recognition to all our members and supporters who fund the History Center, History Bytes, our school and other educational programs.
Marty McFadden
Historical Society President