GIWA and CCU: A look at our water (Part II of our series)

June 12, 2015
By Boca Beacon

BY JACK SHORT – Last week we published part one of our analysis of Consumer Confidence Reports, particularly those issued by the Gasparilla Island Water Association and Charlotte County Utilities.
As we said last week, Consumer Confidence Reports measure levels of contaminants in drinking water. Contaminant levels detected fell far below maximum levels set by the Environmental Protection Agency for at least the 5th year.
We looked briefly at page one GIWA’s water report and explained where your water comes from, how it is disinfected and more.  
This week we are comparing data from the last five years’ worth of reports issued by both agencies, GIWA and CCU. If you have any questions about the quality of your water, or the reports, you can call GIWA at 964-2423 or CCU at (941)764-4300.
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