Encouragement appreciated during search for swimmer

July 1, 2016
By Marcy Shortuse

To the Editor:
As everyone is aware, on the afternoon of Saturday, June 18, the Boca Grande Fire Department responded to a call for a missing swimmer at the Range Light. With other similar calls worked into the mix, the operation ended up being extended over the next several days.
The Department would like to thank everyone for the all of the support and help given to us from the community along the way. The outpouring was great. Not only were we able to feed and hydrate our crews and keep them working, but all of our response partners in the area also. We received not only food and drink but also support in many forms, including assistance with equipment, conditions and logistics.
The many words of encouragement were great and kept us moving forward with determination. It is nice to know that we work in a community that not only says they care, but also shows it.
Chief C.W. Blosser
Boca Grande Fire Department