LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Art Center thanks Nat for his kindness

Art provides a common language of wonder, awe and appreciation that, as Picasso said, “soothes the soul.” In these conflicting times we thank Nat’s commitment to the arts and his assistance in keeping the visual arts alive and accessible. Thank you, Italiano Insurance!

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Hope for Haitians committee thanks all who donated

Our committee wishes to express our sincere appreciation to all who have donated to our annual fundraiser for Haiti. This year’s goal was to transform the lives of 50 families in Perginy by providing homes that would offer them a strong foundation filled with hope. A community center to hold church services, celebrations, community activities or simply provide a place to meet also is planned.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A request to restore the estuary

The entire tidal exchange that nurtured this natural estuary has been entirely blocked and cut off by the construction of Fiddler’s Green; no water passes south of the small bridge across what once was Lemon Creek, and in our driest season, fast approaching, the entire lake upland goes bone dry. Engineering work done by Divers and McCleod in December of 1985 refers to “Lemon Creek” with a line indicating mean high water line, which in my experience is a tidal reference. If the Beacon chooses to print any of this, I would hope that elders of the community that remember the Conway Bridge might speak up, this estuary should be restored. Unlike the tremendous amount of work that has been completed upland by the LBCWP, none would be required u

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Preserving Placida’s legacy

In my view Placida would not be well-served with additional high-impact/traffic multiplying commercial development. Hypothetically, Eldred’s Marina could very well one day become a resort. Placida would be nothing but a bottleneck. I am urging all local residents and County Commissioners to join me in calling for the preservation of the peaceful legacy of our community by low-impact/environmentally-friendly uses of these last remaining undeveloped acres of Placida.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Apology given for miscommunication over Bike Path signs

Every morning I pick up trash….even things as small as cigarette butts….along the bike trail when I’m walking home. One morning this week, there were quite a few signs that had been put up along the path urging us all to be polite and careful. They did not appear to be official, so, mistaking them for an individual making a personal statement on a right of way used by just about everyone, I removed them.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Lee County launches new resource website for resident information and transparency

To the Editor: Lee County today launched a new resource website to provide a wide range of information tools to residents and visitors in a single, easily accessible location. The site is available here: www.leegov.com/tools. It is part of the Lee Board of County Commissioners commitment to their strategic priorities, which include community engagement. The […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: CCSO Tells motorists to find another way home this St. Paddy’s Day

To the Editor: The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office will be conducting a traffic initiative during the St. Patrick’s Day holiday and into the weekend. During this campaign, deputies will be highly focused on areas where impaired driving has been statistically prevalent. This will include increased DUI patrols and other enforcement efforts aimed at preventing impaired […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: In search of the umbrella slasher

It all started on Monday, Feb. 28 when we glanced out to the beach and saw that ALL of the beach umbrellas from Seagrape to the first section of Sundown had been removed and were laying on the ground. We were perplexed about this and notified the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. They responded quickly and checked out the beach.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: It takes a lot of helping hands to make a successful festival

It takes the effort of many to make the United Methodist Women’s annual Strawberry Festival a success and to meet our mission of helping women and children in need. In wrapping up this year’s event, we want to acknowledge the following contributors.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: More than $13,000 raised for Suncoast at on-island event

The Board of Trustees of Suncoast Humane Society is deeply grateful for the amazing support that the Boca Grande community and off-island guests showed on Friday night, March 4, 2022 for Dogs for Dogs, a fundraising event that combined good music, good friends and a good cause for a night of good will.