LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Just one of the reasons to love our island

To the Editor, So, last week, I ran into Hudson’s for a few things. At the checkout, Robin handed me a tissue wrapped “gift”: the sunglasses I had been searching for for days. She said, “Do these look familiar?” Turns out I had left them at her stand a few days earlier. She tried to […]

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Donate, don’t waste when you head north: Lee County third annual food rescue campaign begins

To the Editor, Lee County Solid Waste’s third annual “Donated not Wasted” food rescue campaign encourages seasonal residents and visitors to donate unopened pantry items before returning north. The two previous campaigns resulted in 6,000 pounds of food diverted from potential disposal – enough to provide 5,000 meals to hungry people. Nationwide, Americans throw out […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: New info on FPL numbers to call for surges

To the Editor: Well, hello again to the residents of Boca Grande. We had another power surge/outage on Sunday night at 11 pm! Did anybody call in to register that fact? Either at the time or the next day? Sorry if you ran into a dead end/wall. I called and discovered something relevant to reporting. […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Many thanks for everything, from the Sparks family

Dear Editor, On January 29, 2021 Claude “Allen” Sparks passed away from a rare blood disorder named Amyloidosis. Allen was employed at Boca Bay Master’s Association as a landscape foreman serving the homeowners of the Boca Bay Community. Following his passing, Sue Najar approached the board members to request donations from the homeowners and staff […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The last resort?

To the Editor, “… some rich men came and raped the land, nobody caught’em. Put up a bunch of ugly boxes, and Jesus, people bought’em. They called it paradise the place to be. They watched the hazy sun sinking in the sea…”  – The Eagles When I drove past the property at 13000 Gasparilla Road […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: If you want a better island power grid, you’d better start making some calls

Hello friends and neighbors, Sorry for the intrusion, but something very interesting happened to me recently, and I learned facts that will benefit all of us here on the island. I am writing to relate this information to you as we are able to stop the problem. All it takes is a phone call. You […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Not everyone can ‘Ditch the Cart’

To the Editor: The recent “Ditch the Cart, Live Longer” polemic advising golf on foot rather than by cart has it wrong. My senior friends and I often have age related orthopedic, cardiovascular or other issues which make cart golf necessary. Metabolic data like “calorie burn” and step-counts used in attempts to show benefits of […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Do your part in the battle against the spiny-tail iguanas of the island

Dear readers: At the end of January Lee County sent out mailers regarding iguana eradication (see letter below). Please follow the instructions supplied in the letter and turn your form in, either by mail or in person at the Boca Grande Community Center. If you did not receive a form please contact the number shown […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Many thanks from ‘the guys’ from the art show

To the Editor: Thank you to the good people of Boca Grande. Your support and attendance at our recent THE GUYS SHOW was great. We especially want to thank the  community for their response to our two new guys, Val J. Chapko and Joseph W. Palmerio. We are all looking forward to next season. Our […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A message to island dogs who want to make history … dog owners, please relay this message to your dog

Dear Boca Grande Dogs, Has COVID got you down? Are your paws sore from walking your master too many times a day, too many weeks and months in a row? Are you tired of being the only source of entertainment in the house and underappreciated? We have just the thing for you … it’s showtime! […]