LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We don’t need to use the ‘B’ word when it comes to blowers

The Beacon has periodically published letters to the editor about leafblowers. Most of those have appealed for something close to an outright ban on all leafblowers. The problem with that position is, too much is invested in good-looking properties on Gasparilla Island … and lawn crews gotta work.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: TIS PTO thanks community for a great turnout

The Island School PTO would like to thank the generous customers who visited the Lemonade & Lunch event last Sunday.  A special thank you to Hudson’s for graciously offering their courtyard space for the event.   

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Purchase of two lots for excess boat parking another nail in the coffin of our environment

Let me get this straight. We already have an excess of boats using the existing parking facilities at the Placida boat ramp. This purchase will support, and encourage, more cars on our roads, more boats on our precious waters, and more pressure on the fish. More fossil fuels being burned, more destruction to the natural grasses that are essential to a healthy fishery, more insensitive boaters abusing what used to be so very special, and more congestion on the causeway — because this additional excess will further congest access to the causeway.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Letter writer asks for a bite of bittern pie

EDITORIAL-4-8DL.indd To the Editor: Lemon Creek revisited. The Beacon published a letter of mine in the March 25 edition that I have since come to realize requires some correction and a slice of humble pie or crow eating (perhaps least bittern?) On Friday, April 1, I walked out to a bird-viewing dock in the […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Resident feels all islanders should contribute at least $1,000 to show they care

To the Editor:Two Questions:1. Did you know?2. Does Boca care about their neighbors?At 6:37 a.m. on January 16, 2022 an EF1 (110 mph) tornado ripped through Gasparilla Marina and Estates. Most Boca residents, including myself, assumed it occurred some distance away. Yet it happened less than a mile outside the entrance to Boca Grande. At […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Good times rolled at another great Spring Fair

Boca Grande celebrated the 2022 Boca Grande Woman’s Club Spring Fair last Saturday. “Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler” or “Let the Good Times Roll” was possible due to the 100 or so dedicated volunteers who participated both during the Fair and leading up to the big day. The morning started with the annual bike and golf cart parade, and it continued at the Boca Grande Community Center with great food, games, dog agility shows and so much more.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Rising gas prices means more gas theft

With rising gas prices, thieves around the country are targeting your gas tanks. The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office provides tips on how to protect your tank, and wallet, from thieves.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Danger, danger on the South Path

The GICIA does a very good job of encouraging safety on the path north of First Street. Behavior on the path south of First is the anti-GICIA rules of the road. The South Path is under the jurisdiction of Lee County. There are not even signs encouraging speed limits or even courtesy toward pedestrians. It is an autobahn for golf carts – faster is better with NO consideration for pedestrians. I run on that path six days a week, staying ever alert for fast carts driven by people of all ages. It is dangerous.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Please be patient with parking

Spring has come to Boca Grande, and while we welcome the beautiful weather, it also brings the annual frustration of parking on the island. The Boca Grande Parking Panel is very aware of the challenges we face and the limited amount of parking, versus the number of visitors. We encourage all golf cart owners/operators to take advantage of designated golf cart parking during this busy time. The BGPP works closely with the Lee County Sheriff’s Department and Lee County Parking Rangers to monitor and enforce parking on the island; however, it can be overwhelming at times.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: GIMM event a success

On Saturday, March 19 the Gasparilla Island Maritime Museum opened their doors to the entire community for a Maritime Expo honoring the legacy of Isabelle and Barbara (The Whidden Sisters). These women were two of the originators of the Gasparilla Island Maritime Museum, as it was their father’s dream, property and business that they were trying to keep alive. It is the board’s intention to continue their great legacy, preserving and maintaining our maritime history.