Many thanks from young writer Hampton B.

To the Editor: I want to say thank you for all of your help. You are so nice to tell others about my book. I could not have had the opportunities with out your help. You guys do such a great job each week. And a special thanks to Piper’s mom, Mrs. Shortuse, for calling […]

Less leaf blowing = less noise for all

To the Editor: For the good of the community, let’s reduce or eliminate leaf blower usage around Boca Grande. We all come here to enjoy family and friends, the outdoors, and the peace and quiet and beauty of this island. The use of loud, smelly and toxic leaf blowers is reducing our ability to have […]

Thank you for shining light on Promenade

To the Editor: I salute you for your efforts to shine some light on the serious erosion of Boca Grande’s character presently taking place along the seawall in town. We all have a lot to lose here.  This is just one more example of a really sad situation within the community which seems hopeless. Good […]

Reader feels death on beach was mishandled

To the Editor: I just read your editorial column in the recent Boca Beacon. I too am appalled at the circumstances of handling that “death situation.” I am retired from a 40-year career in cardiology. That was totally mishandled. That lady should have been evaluated by emergency medical personnel. What if she had only been […]

Thanks given for dissemination of Promenade information

To the Editor: My name is Mike Sheehan and my wife Kathy and I have been owners in the Boca Grande Club for 30+ years. I have never written to the Beacon before but after reading your editorial of the 27th I felt the strong urge to write and express my admiration for how you […]

Probably OK is not OK

To the Editor: Distracted and impaired driving are more prevalent this time of year. Whether you are heading to dinner or home from a celebration, please remember to drive sober. It’s important to be at our best when behind the wheel. In the month of December in Charlotte County there were 469 crashes with 12 […]

A disturbance in The Force is coming

To the Editor: INCOMING EMERGENCY MESSAGE: There has been a disturbance in the Force and the IMAG is tasked with bringing back balance. The IMAG History & Science Center is hosting a Star-Wars themed evening of exploration, activities, dining, and fun, at which both Sith and Jedi will train you in the same location under […]

‘Not in my backyard’ folks upset about Promenade discussion

■ BY MARCY SHORTUSE In another classic case of “don’t kill the messenger,” our Boca Beacon Facebook page went a little nuts last week regarding our article about the orange rocks on The Promenade at 3rd Street beach. Let me preface this by saying, I was not the one who created this famous venue. I […]

Please watch out for local wildlife while driving

To the Editor and all users of Gasparilla Road: I am so saddened every time I see a dead bird on the side of the road, an obvious victim of a car strike. I want to make people aware of the fact that the larger birds (egrets, ospreys, hawks, owls) need MUCH more room in […]

In response to an earlier letter

To the Editor: Responding to the article the “Gift: published 12-20-19. God’s “Gift of Grace is revealed in the bible in John 3:16 and Ephesians 2:8 & 9 which states – For it is by Grace you have been saved through faith – and this is not of yourselves, it is the Gift of God […]